9 Ways Your Business Needs To Change To Become Social

"Social media has changed the way we do almost everything. We make buying decisions, find jobs, play games, listen to music and learn socially. But for business it’s clearly been a more challenging shift. Engaging in social media requires a fundamental change to the way businesses function and think. No wonder so many are slow to embrace social media and devote budgets to it."

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How not to do SMS marketing

This just arrived on my phone from a number not in my address book - so it just came up as a number rather than a person or company name:

Hi! It's as good as it gets SALE! Our mighty $AUD has power slammed Uncle Sam - prices crashed on all new stock. So so low! This SAT 10-4 be early. SMS NO 2stop.

Boy, they sure crammed a lot of information into that small message. Except for the company name, what they sell, and where they're located. Nice work, unknown marketers!


Sales and marketing - the difference

More than once recently I've been asked by a client, or a potential client, about sales. "How many more sales will we make if…" is a question I've heard more than once. My answer was - can only be - "I don't know". And it's the truth. This may come as a shock to some readers, but sales and marketing aren't the same thing. They are often bound together mentally, in "Sales and Marketing". But they are very different things, and I'm not even sure that someone focused on one can be focused on the other.

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