9 Ways Your Business Needs To Change To Become Social

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Social media has changed the way we do almost everything. We make buying decisions, find jobs, play games, listen to music and learn socially. But for business it’s clearly been a more challenging shift. Engaging in social media requires a fundamental change to the way businesses function and think. No wonder so many are slow to embrace social media and devote budgets to it.

The challenge is that most businesses are stuck in traditional thinking and marketing that doesn’t translate well to a social atmosphere, on- or off-line. While many people are advocating the evolution of businesses to becoming, “social businesses,” few people are outlining specific changes that will help them.

I spotted this fascinating article from Ilana Rabinowitz over at the website Social Media Explorer.

Ilana's article contains some disruptive, even scary, ideas on how to approach marketing in the age of social networking. Example:

Results require patience.

So, they may ask, where’s the bottom line here? If your company is used to measuring the results of a campaign, they may have to shift their thinking. Campaign thinking is antithetical to social media. You may have a campaign to bring more people to your Facebook page but it’s what happens with them over time that matters. Campaign thinking is short sighted. Social media is about creating relationships. Relationships and trust take time. You may have to act quickly on social media, but look to the longer timeline to measure results.

Many businesses simply don't have the patience or the mindset to approach marketing in this way. Does your business?

Check out the rest of the article here: 9 Ways Your Business Needs To Change To Become Social.

-- Simon @simongarlick