Chocolate omelette

Thank you to all of you who've sent me your chocolate recipes - its amazing the number of you that require alcohol with your chocolate :-) I'm going to try each recipe and if I absolutely love it I will put it in our newsletter - with you and your company credited of course!

This issue however I'm going to give you one of my easiest recipes using chocolate.

Chocolate Omelette (I have been making this for years and it never gets old)

  • Four eggs
  • 2 Tablespoons Drinking Chocolate powder
  • Chocolate buttons

Beat the eggs like you would a normal omelette then mix in the drinking chocolate powder. Pour into a non-stick oven-friendly frying pan and cook until the bottom is set. Sprinkle the chocolate buttons (chopped pieces, chips etc) over the top of the omelette and then put under the grill until cooked to your liking. Put a large spoonful of Pauls Dollop cream or vanilla ice-cream on the top and eat.


Kelly Wright -