Email newsletters take centre stage

Email has become one of the most important communications channels between a business and its audience. The Direct Marketing Association has estimated that every dollar spent on email marketing generates nearly $50 in return. However, email's not just about "selling stuff"! This is demonstrated by the way that we're working with Hayes Knight SA to get the most out of email communications with its clients.

Hayes Knight not only wanted to communicate with its clients; it wanted to know if the communication was reaching the client, if the client was reading it or not, if the client found the communication interesting, if the client was motivated to do something afterwards. We prepared a client email newsletter campaign for Hayes Knight that not only allowed Hayes Knight to give useful information to its clients, it also gave Hayes Knight useful information about its clients.

For example, if a Hayes Knight newsletter contains an article on, say, audit requirements, we are able to give Hayes Knight an indication of how popular that article is with readers. We're also able to pass on to the Hayes Knight audit team exact details of who read that audit article, giving the audit team the opportunity to craft a personalised, relevant, and proactive message to just those clients who have demonstrated an interest.

The email newsletter campaign also gives Hayes Knight useful intelligence about the quality of its customer database - we know within minutes if customer email details are incorrect, enabling Hayes Knight to perform personal followups to drive CRM efforts.

Above all else, the Hayes Knight email newsletter reminds clients that Hayes Knight is an active participant in the client-provider relationship and is providing its clients with relevant information on business matters in a proactive manner.