Social media advice for SMEs in Qantas Inflight magazine

I was interviewed recently for a feature article on "five key issues small to medium business enterprises need to address if they are to thrive and grow", published in the latest QANTAS Magazine.

Simon Garlick, an internet marketing specialist at Adelaide firm Chilli Chocolate Marketing, says businesses should stay off the social media bandwagon unless they have a definite strategy and can answer some elementary questions. What do you want to achieve through social media? How will you measure success? Who will run the campaign? What tone of voice will the company use?

While the business benefits of social media are alluring, Garlick says campaigns must be done properly. “Social media is only going to increase in importance and it can be very influential in the way your business is perceived online and how people find you. [It is] so influential, in fact, that it’s very dangerous. It’s worse to leap into social media badly than to not do it at all.

Aside from my own comments - which will come as no great surprise if you are a subscriber to our e-newsletter or a reader of the news articles at this site - the article contains all sorts of useful commentary. Check it out!

A PDF version of the article can be downloaded here.

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