Scamwatch: Domain Register Pty Ltd

A client recently got in touch with us asking why she had been billed for something she thought had already been paid for. She helpfully sent along a copy of the bill she'd received. I took one look at it and groaned. Yep, another scam. One at least a couple of years old, but obviously doing the rounds again.

Domain Register Pty Ltd

A company named Domain Register Pty Ltd is sending domain holders invoices for payment of domain registrations for .com versions of their domains. The invoice looks as a renewal invoice for the original domain name, and the scammer hopes that the recipient won't look too closely, think it's legit, and just pay the bill (a ridiculously high one, by the way - $249 for a .com renewal!)

Here's what the scam invoices look like:


Be on the lookout - and when one arrives, picture this guy waiting for your money, and throw that "bill" in the rubbish!

Keep an eye on the ACCC scamwatch site for warnings.  


-- Simon