Maintain contact, and be findable

Whenever one is asked "who is your ideal prospective customer?" the instinctive response is "why, everyone of course!" (Don't worry - we do it too.) However after a bit of thought two particular groups stand out: the clients you already have, and the clients of your competitors. What those two groups have in common is that they are both interested in and see a need for the service you provide. A second later the realisation hits: "I bet my competitors are asking themselves these questions as well". During a recession you need to maintain constant communication with your existing clients because your competitors are going to be providing the same products and services as you at discounted rates or with other incentives to switch; if your clients feel secure in their relationship with you, if they feel that you are loyal to them, then a small thing like a discount will not convince them to leave.

Another thought: if one or more of your competitors go out of business, and some will during a recession, you want information about your products and services to be readily and easily accessible to the defunct company's former customers. They'll be looking for someone to replace their former service provider and you won't have to devote too much time to educating them about product or service benefits. If you do not have a website and your information is not easily findable through search engine optimisation you are giving away those potential clients to your remaining competition.

Kelly Wright Head Chilli Chocolatier