Be master of your domain

In the course of our daily activities we see a lot of email addresses. And we are continually surprised at the number of people still using ISP-provided addresses (like "") or free webmail addresses (like "" or "") for business communications. Your email is for promoting your business, not Bigpond or Hotmail or Yahoo!

Relying on an ISP or webmail address for your business can be bad for a number of other reasons.

Free webmail addresses are well-known sources of unsolicited commercial email - spam - often containing computer viruses. as a result, many reputable businesses filter or block email originating from sources such as hotmail and yahoo. if you’re using an address like that for your business communications, your email may not be getting through to your intended recipient - and you’ll never know it.

If you're relying on an ISP-provided email address for your company, ask yourself this: what happens if that ISP changes its name or is sold? What happens to your email?

Small businesses often fall victim to these problems because noone on staff is technically savvy enough to acquire a unique "domain name", or they think the process is difficult or costly. It's not as hard or expensive as you may think - give us a call today to discuss your requirements.