Do you spend too much when you buy wine online?

Wine writer Huon Hooke posts:

Some new research suggests that a third of Australians who buy alcohol online admit they spend too much money on it.

And one in three consumes more than six drinks in one sitting at least once a week.

Nevertheless, about one third of respondents consider themselves something of an expert when it comes to wine or beer. Surprise me! Had they been drinking when they filled out the questionnaire?

The research was undertaken by Canstar Blue, a ‘customer research specialist’, which conducted a survey on drinking habits as part of its research into online alcohol stores.

Respondents mentioned these websites: Liquorland, Dan Murphy’s, Cellarmasters, and GraysOnline.

More than half of those questioned admitted drinking too much and embarrassing themselves in the past.

As well, 37% of those surveyed included alcohol as an item in their weekly budget, while a third admitted they spent more than they did 12 months ago.

According to the survey, the average spend of the respondents was $118 a month ($1,416 a year) on alcohol, with Victorians ($133) spending the most and Queenslanders ($98) the least. Men ($131) spend more than women ($100) and Baby Boomers ($130) comfortably out-spend Gen X ($116) and Gen Y ($89).

Disclosure of blatant self-interest: many of our clients operate in the wine and hospitality industries, we have built and administer online wine stores, and we love people buying wine online! :)