Chilli Chocolate Marketing is a marketing team.

We consider websites and email newsletters to be tools employed to achieve marketing and communications ends, as opposed to the traditional approach of a designer who may consider them to be an ends unto themselves - products to be completed and handed over.  

We approach such tools with attention from day one on how they will be used, how they will be managed, and how marketing and communications goals will be attained - rather than simply “how can we build it”.

Our portfolio of launched and managed services is extensive; should you desire specific examples please do not hesitate to ask.

Kelly Wright - Owner and Director

Specialties: Marketing, communication, PR, event management, relationship management, strategic networking, sponsorship management, retention marketing.

Kelly is a seasoned veteran of marketing communications, sponsorship, and membership management, experienced in the operations of business from small companies to large corporate entities. Kelly has a proven track record in marketing, communications, and customer retention for organisations on both sides of the Tasman.

Simon Garlick - Senior Consultant

Specialties: Email marketing, SEO, SEM, website content and technical hosting management, social media, copywriting, and corporate and customer-facing email newsletters with deep statistical analysis. 

Simon manages and personally performs a diverse range of electronic marketing tasks for Chilli Chocolate Marketing clients in Australia and New Zealand.  He comments and advises on Internet marketing and online trends for various South Australian industry associations and national press.


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