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Nov 25

If your small business/SME is still unsure of email marketing, this post is for you.

Nov 17

Every now and then we’ll get asked by a client or potential client “hey can we use this list of addresses I bought online?” and the answer is always “no”!

Oct 21

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner!

So don’t forget to get started organising your Christmas cards, Christmas functions or Christmas gifts (…)

Oct 21

Whenever we sit down with a client to plan a customer-contact campaign like an email newsletter to the client’s database our campaigns are based around contact at three-monthly intervals. That frequency isn’t chosen at random: 90 days is the magic number, and this is something backed up by decades of marketing research across a range of industries.

Oct 20

This financial year I decided to take a more proactive role in the management of Chilli Chocolate Marketing’s accounts. My bookkeeper suggested that I purchase and install MYOB myself to accomplish this, but for a number of reasons I was reluctant to purchase and rely on a standalone software package installed on one particular computer.

So I asked around and conducted quite a bit of research into online accounting systems and the name that kept coming up was Xero.

Oct 18

The recovery might be well and truly underway, but new figures from credit agency Dun & Bradstreet have highlighted the need for companies to continue to closely watch cashflow.

D&B’s latest analysis of payment terms shows it now takes an average of 53.2 days for a business to get its invoices paid, up from 52.1 days this time last year.

As usual, it’s smaller companies getting hit hardest.

Oct 13

I’m going to get a bit MasterChef on you this time. This was a toughie but I finally decided on Chocolate Sorbet Quenelles, which just so happen to go really well with my favourite Donna Hay recipe Caramelised Wonton Stacks

Oct 05

Here’s a handy hint: if you feel guilty about picking up those White and Yellow Pages books from your home or office front doorstep and putting them straight in the recycling bin, you can now request that deliveries be cancelled.

Sep 30

One day we realised we were running a collection of client websites hosted across different servers, connected through different Internet service providers, running different versions of different types of software, charging different (high) amounts, and even located in different countries.

So what did we do about it?

Sep 09

You know what this is, don’t you.